Question about my Mini Schnauzer

I’m looking online and seeing that the average live span is 12-14 years. Although, the average weight is 13-15lbs, my Schnauzer as been over weight since she was 2 or 3; currently 9. She’s at 32lbs, yet a very solid dog, mostly muscle. We’ve had her on a diet ever since i could imagine, special […]

I Can

We have 2 Shih Tzus one is 14 months and the other is 6 months.Right now they are on Beneful Puppy…I think that our youngest one has some kind of allergy to it.We were thinking about switching to Chicken Soup For The Puppy Lovers Soul…is that good for dogs with allergies??And what are any other […]


Since I first came across the breed i’ve been in love with them. My family got our first dog when I was 8 and we’ve had one ever since. I have lots of experience with dogs. I just graduated from college and am going to be living in an apartment by myself. I’m looking into […]

Beagle Not Sleeping

We have a 10 year old beagle, Shiloh. He’s always been a good sleeper, sleeping all night, but he has not really slept at all the past 4 days/nights. He has allergies and takes prednisone & benadryl when they are severe, so the vet started him back on this two days ago but it doesn’t […]

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My boyfriend wants a Pit Bull

Well, my boyfriend and I have been doing the long distance thing for almost a year since we graduated college. He will be starting law school in my town in the fall and plans on moving here in June. His dream since he was a little boy has always been to own a Pit Bull.

And […]

German Shepard Question: Puppy VS. grown dog?

Which would be your choice and why.

My mom doesn’t want a puppy b/c she said all they do is pee, poop, and chew. She wants an older dog that knows how to act.

I, on the other hand would be leaning towards a puppy. I know they’re high maintenance, and a lot of work, but I’m […]

Border Collie Advice!?

Okay i was wondering if a border collie would be a good dog for me to get? alright i live in a very rural area of southern indiana in the foot hills on a 250 acre farm with chickens and ducks but no livestock. I have 2 italian greyhounds and a golden retriever mix. My […]

Are Labradoodles/ goldendoodles 100 % hypoallergenic?

If not how hypoallergenic are they?

Are they really okay for people who suffer from dog allergies?

My boyfriend is allergic to dogs and we are thinking about getting a Labradoodle in the near future.

If you buy a German Shepherd larger than 88 pounds will you get a dog with physical problems?

I understand the breed standard for German Shepherds is 88 pounds. I understand many breeders breed German Shepherds that run 110 to 120 pounds for use as guard dogs. Would these larger than normal dogs have health problems? Or would the only problem be that you could not show them?