Does anyone KNOW if mushrooms are good or bad for dogs?

I have been making my own dog food for about 6 months and I am trying to get them more variety. I need to get one of those good cook books but I haven’t yet. I have learned a lot about cooking for dogs but I haven’t read anything about mushrooms. When […]

Beagle Not Sleeping

We have a 10 year old beagle, Shiloh. He’s always been a good sleeper, sleeping all night, but he has not really slept at all the past 4 days/nights. He has allergies and takes prednisone & benadryl when they are severe, so the vet started him back on this two days ago but it doesn’t […]

How long does it take for an adopted dog to come around?

My friends adopted a male yellow lab mix (1 yr old) and he hasn’t showed any emotions since they got him. It has been over a month and he hardly eats, does not bark, does not whimper, and does not like to play. He just kind walks around. Most of the time he likes to […]

My new dog became scared of me after I groomed her (she wasn

I made arrangements to adopt a pair of pups, but the owners friend asked for one and she agreed. The owner offered me the mother of my pup and since i wanted two anyway (so my new babies would have playmates and not be lonely). Well the owner brought them and the pup looked […]

Any personal experience with dogs.?

My dog has allergies (itchy all over itchy ears gooopy eyes) its all the time not just certain seasons, and they (vet) dont know what it is. They said possibly the food.

My dog has a hard time switching to new foods. Does any one have the same problem and did changing the dog food to […]

my dogs eye is grey/cloudy?

My dog has allergies and was scratching her eye the other day until her eye lid was bleeding a little which happens every once in a while when her allergies get bad, so I cleaned her eye lid carefully with an alcohol wipe and put a tiny amount of neosporin on her lid making sure […]


My friend’s dog has severe allergies to basically any commerical food except this only-online one that costs like $2.15 a pound. The vet said that a homemade diet would be vet with a multivitamin but the ones he had were quite expensive. What would be a better option?

Dog Behavior Issues

Maybe your Dog’s behavior has gotten a bit out of hand? Is it your wish to control this behavior and have a well mannered, loyal dog? Tired of the aggression issues you face with your dog?

If your answer is Yes to any of these questions you are among the vast majority of dog owners who […]

Discover More About Search And Rescue Dogs

Rescue dogs are generally classified as either being tracking and trailing animals or air scenting animals. Each could have their unique advantages (and particular lookup and rescue canine instruction) based on the rescue situation at hand. As an example, a tracking and trailing canine is scent discriminating, meaning they require an write-up with a particular […]

One in Five Respondents to AAA/Kurgo Survey Admit to Driving With Dog in Their Lap

One in Five Respondents to AAA/Kurgo Survey Admit to Driving With Dog in Their Lap
New survey examines habits of people driving with canine companions and possible distractions

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