Will someone help me out with what to feed my dog, Im going to go homemade?

I’m going to start making my dogs meals instead of feeding her dry dog food. Shes a labrador puppy about 7 months. I think it will be alot healthier for her instead of feeding dry. The question is , What kind of meals do I feed? I dont have any clue where to start? Can […]

Awat from home; What food to feed my puppy lab?

I am away from home tonight and I have Amy(9 week old lab) with me. I don’t know what to feed her. I can feed her old adult dog food or I can give her Homemade food. 3 parts brown rice(fiber) 1 part roasted chicken w/o skin(protien & fat) I’ve already cooked to food. It […]

DOG OWNERS it IS dry dog food now, whats next? was switching to organic/natural but now maybe HOMEMADE RECIPES

I was feeding Eukanuba dry, after days of thinking, asking yahoo users, bit of researching I decided to go to natural/organic–BUT who is to say there won’t be a problem w/ that too?! So many of our pets our part of our family! I dont think I believe any of these companies. […]

Good homemade dog treats?

Does anybody know of any good homemade dog treats that are easy to make and require few ingredients?
-Not liver or wet dog food-

what are the Pros and Cons of feeding homemade food?

i bought this cookbook for making food for dogs and I made one recipe out of it. I served it to all 3 dogs and put some of their dry food in with it. The all ate it and didn’t even bug the other dogs when they were done eating.
the books got are by […]

I want to start making homemade meals for my dog

I myself am trying to eat healthy and eat as little processed food as possible, so I want the same for my dog. I think it’d be much healthier feeding her actual food than feeding her dry dog food with all those chemicals and random junk they put in it.

Does anybody have any suggestions for […]

Healthy home cook food for your dog?

Do you cook for your pet or buy in store dog food? I hear so many stories how long they live on high quality dry dog food or healthy homemade food. I’m getting confused. I know some pet owners whose dog lived a long time on both. My 4lb Maltese is a picky eater. […]

I'm thinking of starting a business to sell my homemade dog treats.?

Dose anyone have experienced advice on how to sell dog treats/dog food for a profit? Is there any books that could help me get it started? Pros and cons? I’m asking for someone who has tried to do this and the difficulties you had/having? Thank you

How to make homemade food for my boxer?

My dog is allergic to many foods, the vet told me to buy the venison and sweet potatoe food. I have bought a few bags but it is so expensive. My boyfriend is a hunter and we have a freezer full of venison. Does anyone know how to feed a dog this? I know I […]

Is it ok to feed my dogs bread in addition to their dog food?

My husband works at a restaurant that makes homemade bread and instead of throwing it away at the end of the day my husband is able to bring it home. My husband started giving the dogs a slice here and there for a treat and they absolutely love it. We are wondering if bread is […]