Who lets their dog sleep in their bed or in their room?

Yes it’s bad and you shouldn’t but there’s no point owning a dog if it’s constantly dicipline and you can’t enjoy it.
I have a small dog and a queen sized bed so it’s still very comfortable. Imagine having a great dane insisting on joining you :]

Is it healthy to allow my dog to sleep in my bed?

I’m not talking about a healthy relationship, I wanna know if there are any health risks you’re taking when you allow your dog to sleep in your bed. Any at all.
I’m not sure if this matters or not be SHE’S a Pomeranian Chihuahua mix. She actually has no problem, what so ever, sleeping on the […]

How to get the dog to crap on my wifes side of the bed?

The dog keep crapping in the bed but it’s always on my side. How can I get it to crap on the other side?

I already tried flipping the mattress.

I just got my dog a new bed, and he doesn't sleep on it?

Can anyone help with a good way to train my dog to sleep on a new dog bed? If you have an idea how to without a command that would be great, but if you don’t know any ways to without a command.. anything would help.

Is it wrong to have your dog sleep in the same bed with you?

Hello everyone. My wife and I have this disagreement. We have a little Yorkie and my wife wants it to sleep in the bed with us. However, I told her that it’s a bad habit for the dog. Can anyone give me some input. Thanks!

my dog peed on the bed for the last three nights?

my dog is 1 year old and he is trained to go outside to pee but in the last three nights, he peed on the bed while we were sleeping, what seem to be the problem?

How do I get my dog to stop ?

Tearing up her bed. Just bought our two dogs a nice soft sleeping bag at at a thrift store and she is tearing up yet another bed. She is about a year old. I have another dog, a yellow lab, Suzie whom is 10 years old. She is getting old and I want her to […]

How can I stop my dog from getting in my bed?

My 4 yr. old pitbull loves to be in bed with me. It was cute and easy for me when he was a baby now he’s110lb lap dog. What do I do?

How do you train a dog to sleep on a bedding?

My dog has a callous on its elbow from always crawling under the car to sleep. She’s just too tall to fit down there! So how do I train her to sleep on a bedding that I put in the corner for her?

How to stop my dogs from eating their beds?

I have 2 dogs and have spent numerous dollars on bedding. Every time I buy nice soft place for them to lay, they tear it apart. The cotten stuffing goes everywhere, as if it snowed! They are sleeping on the cold hard concrete now. I love my dogs but cant keep buying chew toys like […]