Great Dane Puppy Training: Training Puppies Not To Jump

There are many things you need to teach your pup during great dane puppy training. Apart from the obligatory housebreaking, it’s also vital that your pet knows how to comply with various commands in order to prevent him from acquiring unwanted behaviors like jumping. While a jumping puppy is usually a heartwarming gesture of your pup’s enthusiasm to see you or have fun with you, it has to stop at the earliest possible time. A mature great dane can measure for about seven feet on his hind legs is more likely to topple you down if he jumps up or leans on you. Training him at a young age can spare you from possible injuries, embarrassment and other issues you may run into due to his behavior.

Ignore. Many dogs jump caused by excitement after seeing you or other family members he is attached to. Freaking out, running away or yelling at him will not make him stop jumping but will instead prompt him to continue because to a dog’s viewpoint, your actions are signals that you’re excited too and wants to play with him. If you’re constantly welcomed with a jumping puppy, one of the approaches to stop the problem is to ignore him. Just walk and ignore him completely regardless of his attempt to jump on you. If your young pup settles to an acceptable behavior like sitting or standing still, reward him for that. Praising and petting him will definitely let him understand that you like what he just did.

Obedience. Solving dog behavior problems is one of the reasons why basic commands ought to be taught during dog training. A pet that is reliably trained with the commands like “down”, “sit” and “stay” is a lot easier to control no matter what the situation is. The moment you see your puppy running in your direction, giving such commands in a firm tone of voice can prevent him from doing what he would like to do – to jump on you.

Great dane puppy training to teach your young pup not to jump can be a tricky task. But by being consistent, patient and determined, he will surely get rid of the habit eventually. It helps to get your family involved with the training as well.

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