What is the best puppy food to feed my toy poodle cross papillon puppy? Are commercial dog foods bad?

I have been researching this for a while and can’t seem to find any consistent information. I have read allot online that commercial pet foods are really unhealthy. Is this true or is it just a way for people to sell their alternative product?

At the moment I am thinking of feeding my dog Burns Mini Bites as I have heard that this is the best commercial dry dog food. I think I may mix this with a natural wet dog food as Burns has not got the highest meat content.

I do not have the time to prepare home made meals for my dog everyday but I’ve heard that this is the only healthy way to feed dogs. Is this true?
I am from the UK and I think some of the answers I have received are from US which is why I haven’t heard of all these great brands. Does anyone know where I could find them in the UK?

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